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12. Sınıf İngilizce Notifier Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 24

“12. Sınıf İngilizce Notifier Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 24 Meb Yayınları” ulaşabilmek ve dersinizi kolayca yapabilmek için aşağıdaki yayınımızı mutlaka inceleyiniz.

12. Sınıf İngilizce Notifier Çalışma Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 24

Read the text on voluntary work and answer the questions.

It is widely known that voluntary work as a nonprofit community organization helps to overcome the barriers the disadvantaged people face in society. Therefore, such kind of a good practice should be supported and encouraged. One way to promote voluntary work is to emphasize its positive effects on the volunteers’ personal and professional lives in different ways.

First, voluntary work helps people to explore their passions and interests in a specific area. To be more clear, when you volunteer directly at an organization that does the kind of work you are interested in, you will meet people in a specific field, and this will bring you a sense of togetherness. Better yet, it also gives you an opportunity to discuss and offer some new solutions to the current problems the society has.

Another point in favor of voluntary work is that it could teach you valuable job skills. In this respect, you learn new skills that will help you in your future career. Moreover, you could meet people who can give you guidance and possibly help you to find a well-paid job later on.

Last but not least, this kind of work brings fun and fulfillment to your life. In particular, some enjoyable and meaningful events, such as running a charity marathon and creating websites for small charities would be relaxing or energizing for you. It is also a good way to escape from your day-to-day routine of work, school, or family commitments.

In conclusion, besides its contributions to society, voluntary work provides individuals with some important contributions, such as a sense of togetherness, motivation, job skills, creativity, fulfillment, and pleasure. They can be carried over into their personal and professional lives.

1 Why is voluntary work a good practice for society?
2 How does voluntary work help individuals’ future careers?
3 According to the essay, what are the contributions of voluntary work to individuals’ personal and  professional lives?
4 Have you ever experienced voluntary work?
a If so, what kind of voluntary work have you experienced? b If not, what kind of voluntary work would you like to experience?

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